Attempting To Live A Waste Free Lifestyle

Living waste free is easily done. But it can be hard when you live with a family who doesn't want to. That is why I have started and changed a simple thing to help our environment. Besides, why wouldn't you want to keep the only living planet healthy? Here are some simple things you can … Continue reading Attempting To Live A Waste Free Lifestyle


80+ Self Date Ideas

Growing up I was surrounded by family and friend's who had the day planned out for me it was easy to find things to do.  My family would take me to the markets and I would run around loving all this stuff I wished I had. and the enjoyment of buying something for a dollar made … Continue reading 80+ Self Date Ideas

Pinterest Clothing Wish list

Hello, everyone!!! 🌵🌵 There are so many cute clothing I would love to have. If you're like me scrolling through Pinterest like a maniac pinning everything because you wish you could have it then your definitely like me!! Anyway here are my most wanted clothing items I have pinned, and you can check out more … Continue reading Pinterest Clothing Wish list