Attempting To Live A Waste Free Lifestyle

Living waste free is easily done. But it can be hard when you live with a family who doesn’t want to. That is why I have started and changed a simple thing to help our environment. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to keep the only living planet healthy? Here are some simple things you can do to stop wasting goods. Replace your straws with stainless … Continue reading Attempting To Live A Waste Free Lifestyle

The Truth About Anxiety.

Anxiety where did it come from? Anxiety is like a cold that never fully goes away. It’s a cozy blanket you don’t want to leave. you want to be around friends but anxiety doesn’t want you there you become hidden in your shell until your friends go away. anxiety is the bully who pushes you down its the stumble of your words you try and pronounce. Anxiety is your … Continue reading The Truth About Anxiety.

Starting A Keto Diet

Hey guys!! Happy September 😘 If you follow my diet please consult a doctor I am not responsible your health. There are a lot of diets out there but do they really work and which one is best suited for me? Why will keto work and what is it all about? So this week I switched to a KetoDiet. My reasons behind this diet are … Continue reading Starting A Keto Diet

How I ended up moving overseas at 18!! 

Hello!! so you all know Last month I took a huge step in my life and moved overseas and I’m only 18!! Yeah I know right crazy!! 😜 It might be your first time moving out or it might not be? Since January I decided to venture out on my own. I decided being at home was just to cofortable and I felt trapped ,lost … Continue reading How I ended up moving overseas at 18!! 

New Adventures / Moving Overseas.

So it’s actually happing i’m moving…….. Oh and guys I have a new name called define  I hope you like it. Where you may ask yourself.  The answer to the question is New Zealand your probably asking why move there? Well if you do not know I originally migrated from NZ and happen to love it more then this boring place i seem to … Continue reading New Adventures / Moving Overseas.

How I Paid Of   30’000 In credit card Debit in 12 months 

The first step was committing myself to this goal. I new if I dident make a start now my debt would continue to grow.  So I resuched article to article determined to achieve my goal.  I started by taking a look at how much everything cost and what I could do to budget. So I started by cutting down the power. Unplugged electronics Not buying … Continue reading How I Paid Of   30’000 In credit card Debit in 12 months