Starting A Keto Diet

Hey guys!! Happy September 😘 If you follow my diet please consult a doctor I am not responsible your health. There are a lot of diets out there but do they really work and which one is best suited for me? Why will keto work and what is it all about? So this week I switched to a KetoDiet. My reasons behind this diet are … Continue reading Starting A Keto Diet

School Supplies Haul: College Edition.

Hi everyone so I started College this year and I have collected so many cute school supplies I must share them with you. I love back to school shopping all🛒 the cute school supplies I could just Almost buy it all !!!  Also, I may Have some stories from my old school days. Notebooks: How can we chose a notebook when there is just so … Continue reading School Supplies Haul: College Edition.

Are the Parabens in Your Beauty Products Dangerous?

Today’s post is sponsored   With tons of beauty products out in the market, finding the right products for your beauty routine and skin is already changing- but also finding the right products that are free from controversial ingredients is an even more difficult feat.  parabens aren’t necessary and even a 2107 study suggests they might be more dangerous than previously thought- even in small amounts. … Continue reading Are the Parabens in Your Beauty Products Dangerous?

My List To Complete before I Turn 19 ✔️

Hello so I am going to be 19 In December 2017, and I have always written a todo list I want to accomplish before I get older haha lame 😒 I know right. But this helps me to see where iv come and if I haven’t completed it well there’s another to add to the next year’s list!! I may not be successful yet or … Continue reading My List To Complete before I Turn 19 ✔️

Pinterest Clothing Wish list

Hello, everyone!!! 🌵🌵 There are so many cute clothing I would love to have. If you’re like me scrolling through Pinterest like a maniac pinning everything because you wish you could have it then your definitely like me!! Anyway here are my most wanted clothing items I have pinned, and you can check out more on my Pinterest page: @Tegan p —-Tegan Winters— 😋 Continue reading Pinterest Clothing Wish list


 Today I’m sharing some blog post ideas, for when that writer’s block hits ya. I’ve categorized these ideas by Food, Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Food Whether you blog about food exclusively or only feature a few food post here and there, you’re not limited to only posting recipes. Roundup of your best recipes Favorite recipe from your childhood What I ate list of your weekly … Continue reading BLOG POST IDEAS