New Adventures / Moving Overseas.

So it’s actually happing i’m moving…….. Oh and guys I have a new name called define  I hope you like it. Where you may ask yourself.  The answer to the question is New Zealand your probably asking why move there? Well if you do not know I originally migrated from NZ and happen to love it more then this boring place i seem to … Continue reading New Adventures / Moving Overseas.

Travel Bucket List 2017

Hello everyone!!!  So here is my travel bucket list for 2017. There is definitely so many places I would love to go and I am excited to share my journey with you!! Europe- Paris ,Italy , grease,Rome America Dream world Sydney Australia Melbourne Music festivals These are my dream places to go comment what yours are and if you think I should add anything then … Continue reading Travel Bucket List 2017

Capturing Photos In The Moment !!!

Hi everyone. So I just got my new obsession the cannon 1300D also known as the T6.  I have never owned a proper camera before they were just a little bit out of my price range.  But someone told me it’s not the camera that matters it’s the lenses! So I went for a older model and I love it 😍 I am able to capture … Continue reading Capturing Photos In The Moment !!!

Apartment Hunting and my Goals

Apartment Hunting and my Goals So for awhile now I have been apartment  hunting and have stumbled across a lot of different places,prices, people and have come across some goals I want to set in place. I released that I am not yet financially stable or could even afford to live alone and living with friends would be a lot harder then I realised.  Here … Continue reading Apartment Hunting and my Goals