I Feel God.

This past month I have felt god speak to me and I’m not talking about him literally being able to hold a face to face conversation. What I mean to say is I have felt him I have felt his words as I listen to others speak about there personal experiences and advice on life, love and growing that connection with god and his son.

I have always talked about going to church and learning more about the world of god but I never acted on it until now.

Its a funny story how I landed here.

Okay so my friend messaged me and was like hey do you want to come to a party and I was like heck yeah should we bring some drinks along? He told me its not a drinking party i was like okay cool. Then we show up and people started asking me if this was my first time at connect?

At this point i was confused about what they were talking about. That is until someone explained it to me. Turns out it was a bunch of young adults in there 20s who hangout once a week and get to know one another then we split into groups and pray for each other I call it my therapy time I love it!!

Most of them all attend a church so I went along and it was amazing I fell in love and attended there revolution confrince it was amazing to hear so many incredible people speak about media , politics, and of course the word of god.

On my first night of connect the church group hangout. Some girls came up and prayed for me they has felt I was dealing with something and i kid you not we all felt god come down and hold my hands. I felt so welcomed and incredible that god was showing me he is there he has always been and I can not only help myself but let others help me to.

seriously guys Every time I walk into the church I kid you not if I am dealing with something I am unsure about someone at this church will preach about that topic and give me a better insite on how to handle life. God is helping me by speaking out.

Im not saying that everyone should go to church but I believe you should understand god before you judge i use to think he was bad but god is good god has always been there he knows the true us he has a plan and he put us through these situations so we can learn and grow from each complication that is put our way helping us shape into the kind of human we will become and who knows were we will end up in life but everything we do is preparing us for something incredible!!


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