Attempting To Live A Waste Free Lifestyle

Living waste free is easily done. But it can be hard when you live with a family who doesn’t want to.

That is why I have started and changed a simple thing to help our environment. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to keep the only living planet healthy?

Here are some simple things you can do to stop wasting goods.

Replace your straws with stainless steel or bamboo. Think about how much plastic, the money you waste every time you have a new drink.

Eat more whole foods as most don’t come in packaging. And we as humans should eat a whole food diet it’s healthier for our mind body and souls.

Bring jars and handmade bags to do your shopping stop using plastic bags they end up in the ocean most of the time. Full your jars with grains from the bins or the markets.

If you love coffee and eating out take your own bamboo knife and fork and your own glass coffee cup.

Start growing veggies, fruit and start a compost bin.


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