The Struggles of a Young Adult.

What I have learned from  2017.

Growing up is hard I’m 19 and because I left school early I don’t have the points to get into uni not that I could afford uni anyways. So I’m stuck working in shitty jobs and doing small courses that will hopefully lead me into a more fulling career as long as I pass my course because let’s face it everyone wants you have some kind of experience and a certificate to be even considered for a half-decent position.

  1. Working hard and getting out of the house aka bed actually pay’s of and scrolling around the internet and applying for jobs and taking surveys gets you nowhere.
  2. Eating healthy does nothing if you don’t work out.
  3. Bills don’t pay them self’s and they keep piling on.
  4. Everything cost.
  5. You are not independent if you still live at home rent-free.

The Struggles of a Young Adult.


The idea of not working sounded so great to me but little did I know that I would get bored of watching movies and I have run out of things to watch. I got bored of sitting at home and having nothing to do. But I recently just finished doing a Christmas casual job and I got so used to having something to do each day. But now that I’m back at home I have nothing to do and I hate sitting around doing nothing I actually want to go to work.

Big Hopes and aspirations. 

Thinking about moving out living on your own decorating your apartment Like a Pinterest page.  But there’s the issue of never owing enough money and not being able to make money on youtube like all the famous YouTubers. Then we take a trip to target all look at all the decor fall in love with it. look at the price tag to find it’s $300 like what this girl on the tv bought like 5 of these how does she do it.

The difference between expectation and reality kicks in.


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