A letter To My Younger Self

If I could jump back in time to tell myself what I know now I would say.

Dear My younger self

right now you are the happiest child but there will come a time when your life gets really tough for awhile. Everything will be okay you will get through it. here is some advice to help you through it.

time to stop giving up on things so easily.

sick with gymnastics and swimming.

You will make so many friends but you will feel lost and unwanted in your group. When you start a new school don’t just go and sit with someone you once knew chose a new class and make better friends.

Do not leave school in grade 10 and do not do a beauty course. When you go to do your child care course finish it don’t quit your almost done.

There’s still so much to learn and you’re life is only just starting.

everything you do every step you have taken has helped you gain more out of life.


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