Listen To Your Body

Health is the most important but how do we stay healthy?

Tells Signs our body is struggling.

  • Acne – can tell you everything. If you look up a acne map. It will tell you what parts of your body on your face are linked to witch food stress ,sleep , liver problems that are underlying why your breaking out in that one spot.
  • Energy- if your feeling tired this mostly means your body is lacking potential iron and feeling stress and overwhelmed also you could be low in vitamins such as D, C or even a underling auto immune issue.
  • Mood- if your feeling anxious, depressed this is often caused by diet, hormones out of balance. Being around the wrong crowd.

We should all take these signs and listen to our bodies. We need to understand how our bodies work how our mental health is affected by what we feed our bodies.

How do you ask?

Well its as simple as just by switching up your diet starting by cutting out all junk food , soft drinks this will fix most problems.

Eat whole foods cut out sugars including fruit eating way to much fruit will spike your sugars now don’t completely cut out fruit only eat fruit as your guilty treat

You will find yourself loving fruit as your sugar craving treat.

If your craving sweet salty or carbs there our so many good foods you can switch to and you won’t even miss going back plus no feeling tired after it guilty free.

Taking time out and fighting our battles our mental health is so important i can not stress this enough we need to full our bodies with not only good food but good people god and understanding that it is okay to feel sad it is okay to be yourself you are beautiful and you need to focus and feed full your body.


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