What This Year Has Taught Me

Alight so it’s my 19th next week and every year I have written a summary of what my year has been like and what have I learned.

So where do I begin?

With a lot of upsets came a lot of good.  At the beginning of this year, I was making youtube videos, blogging and sitting around trying to find something to do.

Then about 3 months into the year I packed up and moved by myself at 18 overseas to New Zealand where I was living with my grandma.  I shopped I looked for work and I started a course in retail.

The cool thing about my course is that I was being taught by an awesome teacher who wrote her own book and currently In America trying to sell the movie rights.  during my time in New Zealand, I made the choice to join a gym and I went almost every day, walked to my course every day and lost 20 pounds.

after about 3 month’s of living in New Zeland, I found myself missing Australia so I moved back home.

I’m happy that I made the choice to move back because now I have landed a great job and next year I am studying to become a nurse.

So that’s my year I hope you enjoyed this post.


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