Are Parabens Bad For You?

Hey everyone so I recently wrote a post talking about parabens in your makeup products. And you all loved it so much it got me thinking what really are parabens and are they actually bad for you?

…………What Are parabens?……………

Parabens are a class of widely used preservatives in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Chemically, they are a series of para hydroxy benzoates or esters of para-hydroxybenzoic acid (also known as 4-hydroxybenzoic acid). Parabens are effective preservatives in many types of formulas. These compounds and their salts are used primarily for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties. They are found in shampoos, commercial moisturizersshaving gelspersonal lubricantstopical/parenteral pharmaceuticals, spray tanning solution, makeup,[1] and toothpaste. They are also used as food additives.

First commercialized in the 1950s, parabens are a group of synthetic compounds commonly used as preservatives in a wide range of health, beauty, and personal care products. If the product you are using contains methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutyl-paraben, it has parabens.

……..How are they affecting us?………

Turns out parabens could be overloading are bodies potentially causing problems. Also known to disrupt hormone function which is linked to causing breast cancer but what doesn’t cause cancer theses days.

Parabens mimic estrogen by binding to estrogen receptors on cells.” Research has shown that the perceived influx of estrogen beyond normal levels can in some cases trigger reactions such as increasing breast cell division and the growth of tumors.

What products contain parabens?

  • Moisturizers
  • shaving gels
  • shampoos
  • makeup
  • toothpaste
  • food additives.

Allot of companies are now making paraben free products so we don’t have to worry too much but it’s always good to have an understanding that parabens may be in our everyday products and we should try to avoid them as much as possible.

leave me a comment telling me stories of how parabens may have affected you I would really like to know?


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