School Supplies Haul: College Edition.

Hi everyone so I started College this year and I have collected so many cute school supplies I must share them with you. I love back to school shopping all🛒 the cute school supplies I could just Almost buy it all !!!  Also, I may Have some stories from my old school days.


How can we chose a notebook when there is just so many My GOsh!!!! I always like to DIY my own it makes it more personal and I know that I will never run into someone with the same book again because my old school I went into a class and everyone had my book I was so shell shocked that I through my cover away and made my own.


A good pen will make all the difference in your writing, I recommend testing a few.

A little tip doesn’t buy into the trends because once at school I bought one of them rubout pens and it was stolen that day.


I recommend buying a MacBook they just have the most storage but if you want to do writing then get a desktop word just works better on there.


I really like carrying a shoulder bag it just looks cuter and more adultish. But If you have a lot of book’s to carry then go back to a back pack it will save you the shoulder strain.


I could go on and rage about every single school supply but let’s are real we don’t even use most of them they just collect dust and we end up wasting our money.  Believe In your work in your self and you will succeed.

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