Are the Parabens in Your Beauty Products Dangerous?

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With tons of beauty products out in the market, finding the right products for your beauty routine and skin is already changing- but also finding the right products that are free from controversial ingredients is an even more difficult feat.  parabens aren’t necessary and even a 2107 study suggests they might be more dangerous than previously thought- even in small amounts.


Most people have a vague idea that parabens are dangerous, so the book took a deep dive into an explaining to people what exactly what parabens are/ what products use parabens, what brands are paraben free, and more importantly what to look for on labels.


take a peek here: 

First Impressions on a new beauty product.








Hey everyone so here is some of my recent beauty product’s I have bought.



1. LA Colors compact powder. $5 where


house NZ.



Great product light, smooth coverage, full coverage. Last a long time.



 2. M.N  long lasting lip gloss. $1.00 eBay.



Dries on lips well, kiss proof, smooth applying, feels sticky on lips when dries I recommend putting on chap stick before applying, Dries down to a lighter color Last long.



3. Sugar box Highlighter. $1.00 eBay.


Applies well, goes on smoothly, Blends well.




I love all of these products I use them every day I would definitely recommend buying these products.



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