Lebister award nomination

My blog this website has been nominated for the Leibster Award by Sarah Hamilton


So I have to talk about my favorite blog and 10 random facts about me so here we go my friends.

My Favourite blog: Aspen ovard her blog is just overall beautifully layout. She is a YouTuber who shares her and her husband’s life. They also blog about the travels adventures they go on. I love her blog she has inspired me to create my own.

10 random facts about me.

  1. I’m a neat freak but only at night.
  2. If I could, I would only eat fruit for the rest of my life.
  3. I spend every second of the day on some kind of device.
  4. I get easily upset when someone is mad at me.
  5. I randomly dream about potential movies I could create.
  6. My go to snack food is salt and vinger chips yummy.
  7. I can’t spell or do math don’t ask me why.
  8. I can do nothing all  day
  9. I have watched every movie ever made well the ones I would like anyway.
  10. I think I can sing but I can’t, and I consistently drown everyone’s ears when I do sing,

I nominate for this award,

Christoph Mauer- trendablaze.com

Ashly horstmeier- Theexpacticlife.com





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