My List To Complete before I Turn 19 ✔️

Hello so I am going to be 19 In December 2017, and I have always written a todo list I want to accomplish before I get older haha lame 😒 I know right. But this helps me to see where iv come and if I haven’t completed it well there’s another to add to the next year’s list!!

I may not be successful yet or have traveled, but I did move overseas anyways back on track. It’s always good to have Goals to achieve so here are mine.

My List To Complete Before I Turn 19. 🤣😂❤️❤️


  1. Lose weight.✔️
  2. Travel.
  3. Become a better writer.✔️
  4. Start a bullet journal✔️
  5. Draw ✔️
  6. Get a job
  7. Start a successful blog✔️
  8. Be happy 😀
  9. Do something worth living for.
  10. Study Criminology
  11. Study pharmacy
  12. Study retail ✔️

Winters —-


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