College Studying Tips & Tricks

We all know the struggles of falling a test, assessment. But how can we approve are study strategy? , and gain a higher mark?

Iv been studying for about 3 years now and have defiently learned how to write my assessments, study for a test.

..Study Tips & Tricks..

Time management:
It’s good to have time management skills, so you Don’t get behind on assessments. I recommend carrying a book with you putting down any dates, times. This will help keep you on track and succeeding.

Dot Points:

Durning class always jot down notes key points this will make it easier when writing your essays.
Also, use highlighters use different colors for different key points.

Prep Your Test:
Ask your teacher if you can have a study guide make sure you’re jotting down key points.

Learn how to layout your work every school has a different way of layouts this will make it easier come time for them assessments.

Make sure you take some time to relax but😎 study before a test, so your brain is thinking about all the information.

It’s also good to eat some brain boosting food like almonds.


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