Fitness Routine 2017

okay so for the last couple years I have been scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram and have wanted that summer body.

no matter how many squat challenges, abb challenges I do I will never look that way.

I have been to gyms and had someone create a plan for me. But I have started a new program that is actually working for me.



          My Fitness Routine 2017

Running has helped me the most I use to hate running, but now I love it!!!

Since I started running, I have burned more gained endorphins and over all just felt amazing.

I also do some ab workouts.

squats. 20-3 times

leg lifts 30 -15 each leg 3 times

mountain climbers, 10 3 times

sit ups. 10 -3 times

Step ups 20- 3 times

I will do 3 rounds after a run or walk. In the morning and at night.

But also maintaining a healthy diet and taking supplements to help heal my body.



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