What’s in My Backpack /back to school 2017

Hello, everyone !!!!

I have been studying for 3 years now and have picked up some tips and tricks so now I come prepared. This means different things to different people, but in college, it means that I never know when I’m going to start my essay, finish my readings, or decide to shop for mugs on Etsy. To be prepared for any of these critical situations, I stuff my backpack with everything I could possibly need to have a fun and productive day on campus.

When I was in high school, I used to watch makeup videos, and for a while, there was a “what’s in my bag trend.”  So I’m bringing it back. Here’s what’s in my college backpack.

Note: the following is an artistically rendered version that does not include crumbs, loose change, or my missing student ID.

So most of us are going back to school, study. I am currently studying retail and take a bag every day here is what’s inside my backpack 🎒                       … Phone…

I am a creature of the 21st century. And every time I go to class, walk to the student computer room I would bring out my phone, headphones!! These are a must have.

If you’re like me I like to listen to music, be on my phone during class and break.


because why not. It tastes great, and everyone will be jelly!! Make you super attractive.
Trust me it works.


I always like to keep a note book with📖 me. So I can drop down any notes during class. And also the books I need for that day.


You definitely need a lunch box always📦 take good food with you. Don’t waste your money at the tux shop.

Little tip: Pack brain food, so you stay awake during class.

…pencil case…..

Keep all your pens, pencils, highlighters all in one place plus you can hide your phone, food 😂👌
….Girly pack…..

I always like to keep an extra little bag holding all my tampons, pads, deodorant, you never know when you will need it.


Items not pictured

Below are some essential items that I often have in my backpack, as well.

  • Loose change from my last trip to the drugstore.
  • Loose change from England that I can’t spend and can’t throw away.
  • Crumbs from that time I put a croissant in my backpack.
  • A cardigan that I thought it would be cool enough to wear, but put away in the 90-degree heat.
  • Some orphaned bobby pins.
  • My tangled-up earbuds.
  • A tea wrapper.

Hey, I’m just honest.

What do you carry around in your backpack?


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