June favourites 

I love to Shop, I  always have and always will. Over the past month, I have collected some essentials/ nonessentials we love to have in life. So here I am to share that with you!!

My June Favorites of 2017


Anna Kendrick Note to selfGirl Boss

Here are some of my ideal book’s I enjoy reading. There super easy to read, Great for traveling. Inspiring books is something everybody should read.

Okay, so I have always been a fan of nail polish let’s be honest who isn’t!! But Iv got to say for a dollar $ these have been really good 😊 

Guys you have not lived until you own at least one awesome jacket. I found this on a site called wish. And got it for what for it $12 what?? And I omg love ❤️ it.

If you’re a girl or guy !! Then you know how hard it is to find a good blending brush and I’m always loosing my brushes so here is a cheep affordable makeup brush you can use !!!! 

Cuz we go to go to work, work, work. Girls yes I love this sports bra it’s so cute and was only $20 my favorite thing to do is go to the gym !!!!

Mostly all of my shopping comes from online, but I definitely love a good farmers market every weekend.


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