How I ended up moving overseas at 18!! 

Hello!! so you all know Last month I took a huge step in my life and moved overseas and I’m only 18!! Yeah I know right crazy!! 😜

It might be your first time moving out or it might not be?
Since January I decided to venture out on my own. I decided being at home was just to cofortable and I felt trapped ,lost I wanted to just get out.

I had no money, income. So how did I survive well I did surveys here and there witch paid for my transport, phone and more.

My friends let me live with them because let’s be honest family’s don’t always get along fare as hell mine sure did not and I didn’t want to be arround it all so I packed my things and left.

I even took a job as an au pair live in nanny just so I could earn an income have fun and not live at home that lasted about 2 weeks.

But from all of that the one thing I don’t regret doing is saving every spare cent I had. Once I had enough I made the big move and when back to my place of birth.  Now living with my grandmother 👵 and still have no income but everyday I am looking for work. I am determined to make it support myself.


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