10 Things I regret not doing.

Hello everyone so I am 18 now and there are definitely some things i regret not doing,

So here are my

10 Things I regret not doing.01c3131d-492e-46ba-96f9-e25d1308354e.jpg

  1. Quitting my job, okay so my first job was mcdonald’s and I lasted about 3 months. I ended up quitting because i didnt want to work.
  2. Not finishing my course, truth is i found it hard and gave up to easily.
  3. Stop giving up.
  4. Not reading more.
  5. having bangs.
  6. Eating whatever I want.
  7. staying home.
  8. not taking my time.
  9. watching every single netflix movie in one week.
  10. letting my anxiety take over.

I hope you enjoyed all of my 10 things I regret not doing. And that maybe you will learn from my mistakes


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