How to become happy and gain self confidence 

Hello everyone so I know it’s been awhile Iv come to a blank of what I should wright about I have so many amazing things to say but how do I right them all?? 

Let’s face it where humans and we tend to get depressed anxious and sick of being stuck in the same place over and over again. 

How did we get there it seams like everyone arround us is strutting this  confidence. And I am constantly asking people to give me there confidence but To be honest I don’t want it. 

We should embrace every inch of frightens we have you can’t buy confidence but you can learn how to become comfortable in your self.

I mean just look at me I’m 18 and far from reviving self confidence but if you knew me 2 years ago you would see a huge difference. 

Iv changed no I really haven’t Iv just stoped doubting myself and started to understand that we all fell this way. one you can keep telling your self your not happy or two do something about it.

I grew up sourended by people who bought every positive thought into a nigitive space. Someone once asked me why I’m so negative all the time. I had no I dear that’s how I came Across  towards people it destroyed me to here that I had to change.

And I had to start by taking all the negative  things , people out I don’t want it I never did I just wanted the space to fell and create to figure out who and where I wanted to be. Let’s face it I still don’t know but I have achieved all my goals. 

Life is simple if you want something go and get it you do not have to be where you are if your poor broke then get a job make it happen.  

It’s time to declutter we don’t need fancy things it’s just a waste of money.


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