How to be an Adult 

Hello everyone so I’m am now 18 and have grown up allot I have always been more mature then most girls Iv always done things for myself.

And if your are wanting to grow up and start living for yourself.

My tips to being an adult. 

  1.  Get a job – start by getting a job and saving for the future your young why not start now.
  2. Buy your own food- shop for your self.
  3. Do your own washing – start cleaning don’t be asked to just do it.
  4. Pay rent ,bills – doing this will instantly make you an adult paying your own way is great and shows that you are ready and can take care of your self.
  5. Live by yourself – start being your own adult and learn to live by yourself.
  6. Save money- this is the most important doing this will make you financially stable and will give u great saving history. Don’t buy all the little toys.
  7. become a minimalist – de clutter your life you don’t need everything.

I hope my tips helped you and if u should take one thing from it then save your money I can not stress this enough!!!!


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