The Stanta Clarita Diet review 

Hey guys !!  So I just finished watching season one of the stanta clarita diet and I can tell you that is was awesome!!! 

I loved every bit of it here is a brief summary of what the show is about.

A couple who work as realtors leading dull, suburban lives undergo a dramatic change of lifestyle. Leading them to face challenges with allot of vomit.

Spoilers /

Okay so this is another zombie show but what is different about this zombie is that she’s a fun loving normal woman who happens to eat humans. All of a sudden she develops a new look to life even though she’s dead “undead”. She is very much alive with a new positive attitude. 

While the rest of the family are disgusted with the new diet they seam to have adapted to the new lifestyle pretty well. 

I can’t wait for session 2 


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