How to be happy January 

Okay I guess you found this post because 

  1. Your bored with your life
  2. Your felling lost and life is a blur 
  3. Your felling trapped and need to get out.

If these are any of you then leave a comment!! 

I know you have grown up thinking you can ease though life and you will never have to grow up. 

But man was I wrong I am now 18 and I’m going to be honest I’m not happy I’m trapped in my mind trying to figure out how to become an adult. 

And now I have to pay attention to detail so I don’t come across as a complete waste of a human.  They teach us everything we need to know in school but did I ever pay attention to how the world works. Well um?? No sorry 😐 I was to busy waiting to get home.

I am now at the stage where I’m done sitting around wasting my time on my phone I want a life. I want a job.  Well okay so I don’t want a job but I could do with the cash besides it give we something productive to do with my day.

Let’s be real I don’t think anyone can be truly happy and there definitely is No secret potion on how to be happy 😊. Basically we have to accept what we have and make the best out of it. Even try and make it better we can only get better and become better as a person okay well we can except who we are and just live with it. 

But in all truth saying we don’t have to live with being unhappy we can go out and try make our life better for ourselves and anyone can do that. just get up and go do it if you’re not happy where you are you do not have to be there you can go and make a better life for yourself you know you can’t really truly be happy but you can make things to make yourself feel happier. 


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