How to Get back on track with your fitness!!

Now I’m no expert when it comes to fitness but I have got some knowledge and you can look at me and think the worst but I’m a healthy happy person who getting closer to her goals even if it takes me a year. 

My fitness journey 

My fitness only started on the 30th of December and it’s the 28th so far Iv lost inches and becoming leaner my workouts include swimming everyday to weight training with 3kg kettle bell and 1kg weights and 10kg weights that is all the equipment I own  but I also do allot of floor workouts toning and burning.  I am going to be joining my gym next week.

How I stay on track 

Motivation don’t wait to have just get up and do it that is key 🔑  

It takes time to get into a routine break a habit to gain a new one ☝️ 

If you watch TV or play video games why not jump on a bike or treadmill and watch while working out 🏋 easy and fun whoop you just  did a long workout out !!! 

If your debating to workout out or do it later say to your self okay I have to workout no excuse just 10 jumping jacks then another  push your self.

No one said it was easy but it does get easier. 

If you are enjoying my tips then go and check out my other post on fitness and if you like those to then give me a follow and I’ll post a workout video if I get an extra 10 followers !!!!


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