Fitness Goals For 2017

I have become so happy this year with the way I am treating my body.


so the end of last year I started working out and I wasent losing any weight to the point I made the decision and went to my doctor which she’d ended up sending me to the weight clinic.  I’m going to be honest with you the weight clinic has helped allot.

It’s helped me to change my diet witch wasent bad to begin with I was eating all the right foods and basically eating healthy and vegan but I wasent eating the right proportions of the food group.

Changing my diet for the better.

Iv now stopped eating diary and have started eating the right proportions from each food group. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean your eating what your body is craving. Kill with kindness 

Working out for my health.

I had always been healthy and worked out but I wasent doing enough instead I would go on a health kick every second week witch just got me know where.

So this year 2017 I have told my self I’m not giving up I’m not putting in any expectations I’m just going to get up and do it because there is nothing better to do. Go into it with no motivation why should we be motivated to workout we should just get up and do it the end result will be the best thing. Now when I’m in a bad mood or fell sick I workout and fell 💯 afterwards. 

Sure I slip up like today but I’m back to it. I’m even going to step up my game and join the gym home isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

Don’t wait for the right time to achieve your goals the longer you wait the longer it will take  so start now because nothing is holding you back. Just do it for the greater good of your health:) 


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