How I Survived My First Tattoo 

Hello everyone. I  made the big decision and got my very first tattoo Whoop!!! 

My first thoughts were this is permanent what if I’m allergic to the inc? What if my tattooists does a bad job? 
I was supper scared of how it would be and trying to imagine what the pain was going to be like. But to be honest it wasent bad at all In fact  I felt no pain and I’m afraid of pain. 

My tattoo dident hurt one bit. It felt  like  drawing on my arm with a vibration motion totally bearable for a 30 second tattoo! 


  1. Take a full week , month to decide what you want remember it’s permanent. Try and think of something cute and personal. Mine was in memory to my cat that died of cancer 
  2. Calm down it won’t hurt as much as you think it will.
  3. If you are someone who faints make sure you eat something take gum with you drink water and a poweraid get your electralights running.
  4. Lie down apparently you can’t faint lying down 

These are my tips on getting your first tattoo I hope they helped you!! Send me pictures on twitter @teganwinters1 if you tattoos.

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