Slay 2017 Make This Year Your Year!!!!

Every year we set are selfs up and we tend to fail. Its a pattern and a contunies path that we follow. trying to break this routine is difficult but in realty it is really supper easy to do.

How To Slay 2017 And Not Fail.
Every youtube ,blog  says that we should just be selfs and we will find success from that but to behonist I am sick of it I’m calling bullshit. 

The only way to achieve anything is to work hard for it nothing ever came along by sitting around.  

Here are my tips to keeping motivated to slay this year!!!

  1.  Stop trying to achieve things out of your reach. We can set goals we want. But we have to look at how to get there and what it’s going to take . Try starting with something small and take it day by day you can only get closer.
  2. Start with a good attitude and tell your self you are going to do this.  You  need to do this. Do it now and you are finshed for the day. Push your self don’t set your self up to fail. focus on those time you are bored 😐 and just laying arround and make your self get up and just do what you need to be done ✅ make your self do it!
  3. Have fun there is no need to be yourself just relax and try to enjoy your time remember everybody is thinking the same thing Fake it till you make it.
  4. If you give up then change it don’t stop just change it try something new to get you motivated. 

My favourite thing to do to stay motivated is to  right down my goals in a planner and don’t just put it in one place write it down on your phone set a reminder.
I hope you all enjoyed my tips if you want more go and check out my YouTube channel!!!


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