How I Paid Of   30’000 In credit card Debit in 12 months 

The first step was committing myself to this goal. I new if I dident make a start now my debt would continue to grow. 

So I resuched article to article determined to achieve my goal. 

I started by taking a look at how much everything cost and what I could do to budget.

So I started by cutting down the power. Unplugged electronics Not buying food until my fridge was completely empty. This helped allot and I was able to put money away.

Also started YouTube channel and took surveys an extra $20 here and there was really great. It took awhile for my YouTube money to come in but every dollar helps.

I also had my family working helping me and selling stuff.

It was really easy to become debt free it just took along time and allot of hard hours to achieve my goal.


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