Body Shaming & 2017 Goals!!!

Today I wanted come clean with you all allot of my life I have been dealing with body shaming and it’s not okay.

Yes I am over weight since I was 15 but that is my problem not the rest of the word to judge me for it.  People say to me and assume all I do it eat all day but no that’s not true. Every day I deal with low moods and very low energy levels to the point were doing daily things  make sick all the time I have hypothyroidism and pcos. But also some un resolved issues.

My whole life I get people messaging me having a normal conversation then they turn and start calling me fat and say I should eat less and go to the gym. I’ll have you know that my diet is very healthy and I exercise enough. 

I am just over being told the same thing and I am not going g to change the way I look because you tell me I’m fat no that’s not okay I’m going to change when I’m ready I want to be happy and judging me hurts. 

My confidence is so hurt. Now  being around people slightly better then  me makes me fell out of place and I hate feeling that way I don’t want it.
Here are my goals for 2017

To have the best time in Europe and meet amazing people build up my confidence once again.

Yes I’m going to Europe its all paid for!!! I’m going April 30th for 33 days !!!


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