11 Problems Girls Have While Wearing Fake Nails πŸ’…

For some one who wears long , fake nails from time to time I have come across quite a few challenges along the way. 

  1. Doing dishes.  Every time we are doing the dishes we worry about our beautiful art work peeling off and scratching our nails against the plates. It makes me cringe every time πŸ™ŒπŸ»
  2. Nails catching against things.  Omg I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit my nail against the wall or on a corner.  It feels like ive pulled my whole nail off and that can really happen!!!
  3. Picking items up! Let’s face it we all have trouble picking small things up, it’s impossible to do. You have to slide the item until you can pick it up.
  4. The Fake feeling. You know that feeling of having your Fake Nails on. They don’t feel natural. Afterall they are plastic and you know it.
  5. You have an itch!!  This is the worst!  Your  ichy and your nails are not strong and scratchy  enough so you have to make do with the wall.
  6. Popping pimples. You can’t, it’s hard,  your nails are too floppy and thick.
  7. Push buttons. When your shopping and using your card πŸ’³ it’s impossible to press the buttons 
  8. Eating. Picking up a knife and fork 🍴is just so difficult.
  9. Typing.  Typing text is hard for any phone, πŸ“± you can’t press with your nails you have to lay your thumbs flat.
  10. Nail gunk . When your getting fake nails and you start to cure your nails you tend to pick up things under your nail from when your curing so annoying. 
  11. Regrowth. Your nails start to over grow your fake nails and it’s so hard to take your fake ones of with out pulling your nails out from your skin ouch !!! 

So I hope these annoying things helped you reconsider getting your nails done πŸ’…I hope every one has a great holiday:) 


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