So guys!!! Summer is all most here in Australia and I can already fell the heat.  Recently I’ve just moved downstairs and have this little room now. Because  we’re going to be renting out the top part of a house so I’ve had to redecorate my bedroom and summer is just around the corner so why not have some summer decor!!!

So fist we have my bed it’s just a queen bed frame we picked up from lifeline and Iv chucked some throw pillows on it looks super cute don’t you think?  My bedding is this rose gold duvet set.

At the end of my bed I have this floor fluffy rug  that I think will last longer of the floor.

Above my headboard we have some marble cork placemats as decor and some pictures.

Next to my bed is just this tumbler looking night stand draw and on the other side is this wooden bamboo ladder witch is so cute I hang my scarfs of it.

Bamboo ladder: $2.00 garage sale

Marble placemats: $2.00 Kamart 

Throw pillows: $10.00 each kamart 

Flux fur rug: $25 Kamart

Bedding: $5.00 garage sale 

Big Picture : $5.00 garage sale 

Little picture: 5.00 Lin craft 

Moving on to my set of draws we have some cute decor on top!!!  First Ai found this trey laying in are house and Iv just added some cute little things in it like head phones ,makeup, perfume, flowers and lots more.

Over on the side we have my makeup set and my wallet.

Above my draws we have some more wall decor!!

over here we have my wardrobe it’s just a Clothes rack with my favourite outfits on and here’s a photo of some of my favourite pieces in this area!!! Just very simple cute lots of colours !!!

So I hope you all enjoyed today’s post please let me know what you think of my summer room decor and what I should add to it I will be doing a full room tour over on my YouTube channe so go check that out it’s just Tegan winters .
You can email me for business only!!


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