17 Thing’s I Have Learned At 17 2016


Hello so I have decided to wright about the things I have learnt in life each year.

I turn 18 in 30 day’s so here is 17 thing’s I learned at 17 2016

  1. How to drive.
  2. How to grow up
  3. To declutter and live with less.
  4. How to make money
  5. How to live on my own
  6. How to communicate better
  7. Look presentable
  8. How to party
  9. How to edit videos and pictures.
  10. How to create a blog.
  11. How to spell better still learning.
  12. How to eat healthy.
  13. Be happy
  14. Budget.
  15. Do My makeup
  16. Take care of my skin.
  17. How to dress well sometimes.

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