Apartment Hunting and my Goals

Apartment Hunting and my Goals

So for awhile now I have been apartment  hunting and have stumbled across a lot of different places,prices, people and have come across some goals I want to set in place.

I released that I am not yet financially stable or could even afford to live alone and living with friends would be a lot harder then I realised.  Here a some of my favourite places I have come across over Pinterest from decor to layout. And you can find lots more on my Pinterest page.

Things like these are what I’m looking for but they all come at a price and that price would be priced around the $500 mark witch I definitely can not afford with out a full time job. But sure I could have all these things by working hard. For me work is just something I am not ready to get into. It’s not that I’m lazy or defiant but I am someone who will always deal with low energy levels and have to build my self up to be able to handle working full time. I want to travel and enjoy life not sit behind a desk or counter greeting a million different people all day long that is something I don’t want to be stuck in.


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