How To Care for a Abandoned Kitten.

Hey everyone so in the last 2 weeks I have been taking care of an 4 week year old kitten who was abandoned by his mother 🙀😿 there is allot of care for kittens so here are you tips.

Step 1 have a place for your kitten to sleep in with lots of soft blankets kittens get cold and like to fell warm. 

Also kitten can jump out of things they become more playful each day  they will also sleep allot.

You will need to feed your kittens every 2 hours make sure you are feeding  your kitten formular not milk also make sure you do all the right measurements it is important you are not staving your cat.

Let your kitten run around and learn for him self but don’t leave him alone kittens love attention and need it .

You will need to wee and poop your cat they cannot do it them selfs simply grab a wet paper towel and wipe there parts this will help them do there business. 


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