How to Stay Positive and Overcome Difficult Times


Felling The Struggle

Often times in our daily lives there are moments when we fell frustrated, hurt, stressed and down. Sometimes we know exactly why we are felling this way and other times we fell these ways for reasons unknown to us. As People we often fell this way some days we may be on a high and going well or we find ourselves in a struggle and where it seems noting is going right….ever. These down times are the moments were we struggle, the sadness, the difficult situations that it can be extremely hard to pull out of. Dealing wit these situations can be tough on are own I know from personal experiences. I remember I would be down all the time felling like there was no one to turn to I would push friends and family away never leave the house, give up on things and eat though my felling’s It left me in a bad place and I never want to go back there but as time moved on so did I and was able to pull myself out of it.


Staying Positive

When you go down a difficult path, you tend to find yourself searching for ways to get out of al your pain and sadness. It was hard to be positive when I felt like there was allot of negative people around and nothing to be positive about. What I knew to be true was there is always hope sometimes we grow as a person form a bad situation and turning it into making yourself come out better and stronger to not go down that path again. Top things that were helpful to stay positive were:

  • Someone to talk to. Even if I had no one righting it down in a diary helped to get anything I wanted to say out.
  • Keep your self busy. Get out of your slump by getting out the house go for a walk meet new people.
  • Remember to have fun!  Enjoy your self do the things you enjoy doing take your self out on a date.
  • Stop thinking about the bad start thinking about how you are going to get better look for work or find something new make the change and you will change and become happy we can only do this for our self’s so why not make the change.


when to let go: It can be hard letting go but sometimes you have to make that decision for when your ready start by making changes get out move about heed into something new and exciting only you can bring your self to become a better you if your poor go get a job do something with your life make your self better only you can do this no one Ouse so why not do it.

I  hope this post helped you just remember only you can make the change so what are you waiting for.



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