10 Health Habits Every Women Should Know!!!!


  1. Exercise Daily find at least 5minets of your day to get u and moving. So don’t put those expectations on your self just get up and do it this will improve you’re mood help with anxiety.
  2. Never shop on an empty stomach, that’s how you end up pigging out on what your craving.
  3. Wright in a diary, wright down everything you did that day then look back on it and look at what need’s to change in order to make yourself fells 10 times better.
  4. Drink a huge glass of water when you wake up, before and after a meal, before you go to bed at night.
  5. Get out of your house to study going to the library, sitting under a tree and studying will make you fell better and not stuck at home all the time.
  6. DE clutter you’re room all you really need is a bed your clothes , makeup, bag that’s it you don’t really need anything Ouse do you.
  7. Don’t were makeup everyday it will let your face bereave and heal from the clogging of foundation.
  8. Eat better not just roast, pasta, tin food, make something that is good for you stop eating crappy foods you’re body will thank you.
  9. Just do what makes you happy don’t focus on the negative. Surround you’re self with people who love you.
  10. Take some time out fro you’re self and do something nice for someone ouse give back to the world.

These were my 10 Healthy Habits Every women Should Know!!!!

I hoped you enjoyed it let me know in the comments what was your favourite tip also if you have anymore you would like to add let me know.



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