Mind Body Soul – How To Find Happiness.

Finding happiness is so important for our souls we are just a soul placed inside a body and we spend our whole life’s shaping, hurting, feeding. My question is why? Our body is the screen we display our true feelings. What we put in our bodies will show up on our skin the scars from the desire to look perfect. Have you ever Hurd the … Continue reading Mind Body Soul – How To Find Happiness.

The Struggles of a Young Adult.

What I have learned from  2017. Growing up is hard I’m 19 and because I left school early I don’t have the points to get into uni not that I could afford uni anyways. So I’m stuck working in shitty jobs and doing small courses that will hopefully lead me into a more fulling career as long as I pass my course because let’s face it … Continue reading The Struggles of a Young Adult.

What This Year Has Taught Me

Alight so it’s my 19th next week and every year I have written a summary of what my year has been like and what have I learned. So where do I begin? With a lot of upsets came a lot of good.  At the beginning of this year, I was making youtube videos, blogging and sitting around trying to find something to do. Then about … Continue reading What This Year Has Taught Me

The Truth About Anxiety.

Anxiety where did it come from? Anxiety is like a cold that never fully goes away. It’s a cozy blanket you don’t want to leave. you want to be around friends but anxiety doesn’t want you there you become hidden in your shell until your friends go away. anxiety is the bully who pushes you down its the stumble of your words you try and pronounce. Anxiety is your … Continue reading The Truth About Anxiety.